Usually the best first step is to Contact Us and we'll start off with a chat over the phone to help you select the right package and answer any questions.

Life History Books can work with very tight schedules, or far more relaxed ones. Smaller projects typically take about one month to complete, larger projects take about two months to complete, though if timing is an issue they can be completed more rapidly.

  • During the first phone call we will get a sense of who is involved in the project and you can specify a timeline. Our Team of personal historians spans across the world. Contact us to see if you live near a personal historian; if so, we can conduct the interviews in person or you may opt for phone interviews. If you live in another area and would like a face-to-face interview, it may be possible if a personal historian is able to travel. Otherwise, interviews may be conducted over the phone for an excellent result.
  • The introductory call is followed by a Welcome Packet sent via e-mail or mail (based on client preference) that includes a gift certificate or certificate of purchase, and a plan of action. The Welcome Packet shows our customization options and also has a list of questions to help jog the memory, though interviews are tailored to each client's needs. As soon as possible, we’ll schedule the first interview.
  • During the interviews we will cover as much ground as possible. After interviews are complete, we will transcribe the client's words, carefully edit them, and reorganize the polished text into a cohesive order with a story arc.
  • Next, you will receive the draft via e-mail or mail, and you can edit the interview as you see fit and return it.
  • As early as possible, please gather pictures or other mementos (ie: recipes, newspaper clippings or birth certificates). If the interview is being done in person, pass them over during the first interview and we will return them during the second interview. If the interview is being done over the phone, you can mail them (and they will be returned safely) or you can scan them and e-mail them to us. Alternately, simply go to an Office Max, Kinkos, or any number of other chains where they can e-mail me the files. We can find a local shop for you, if you’d like.
  • You may decide on a color scheme, fonts and a cover, chosen from the Welcome Packet. Alternately, we have lovely default design choices.
  • Then, the magic happens: the interview is laid into the book, interspersed with pictures and mementos.
  • You will see a PDF draft of the book, exactly as it will appear in print, and have one last chance to make changes to the file before it is published.
  • In most cases, the book will ship directly to the client.


How to Buy

Payment is due before interviews begins, and we accept credit or debit cards and checks. After a phone conversation, an invoice will be sent via e-mail or mail. Packages can also be bought through this website, with the Paypal buttons on the page of each package. Even if you are not a Paypal member, you can click BUY NOW and enter your credit/debit card details.

Special circumstances:

  • If you would like an invoice in a currency other than U.S. dollars, please send us a note via our Contact form and we'll send you an invoice.
  • If you have a voucher/discount code, please send us a note via our Contact form and we'll send you an invoice.
  • If you have a code that gives a specific charity a donation, please feel free to buy the package of your choice and simply mention your code to your personal historian during your first chat.

Any questions? Just e-mail us and we’ll be happy to give you a call:






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